October 1-3, 2021

Springfield, OH


If you would like to exhibit at Tandy Assembly, please get in touch at tandyassembly@gmail.com. Exhibits are open on Saturday and Sunday.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name or Business Name
  • Your hometown
  • A photo of your exhibit, logo, etc. that we can put on this website.
  • Title of your exhibit
  • Description of your exhibit
  • An optional link to your website

1 Table per Exhibitor/Vendor, 72"’ by 30” tables

Maximum 2 people per exhibit


NOTE: See the Tandy Tech Track page for fees if you plan on attending on Friday.
  • EARLY BIRD (on or before 7/31/21) $30, includes one entry fee
  • LATE RESERVATION (after 7/31/21) $40, includes one entry fee
  • Additional $10 entry fee for one additional attendee if sharing a table
  • All proceeds pay for the costs of running the event.

Please pay via PayPal to tandyassembly@gmail.com

What or who is an Exhibitor?

An exhibitor is anyone who wants to display a computer, accessory, software, hardware or any other artifact from Tandy Radio Shack computer history. Exhibitors may be vendors looking to sell their Tandy computing related products or may be hobbyists wanting to display their work for others to enjoy.